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New Avengers is a comic book series published by Marvel Comics. Written by Brian Michael Bendis, the writer behind the Avengers Disassembled storyline, the series depicts a group of superheroes that form a new team of Avengers, regularly referred to in the series as the "New Avengers".

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The New Avengers was launched in November 2004, written by Brian Michael Bendis and drawn by David Finch. With the Avengers team disbanded, and the Fantastic Four and the X-Men unable to act, supervillain Electro shut down the S.H.I.E.L.D. Raft installation, a "maximum-maximum security" prison for super-powered criminals. S.H.I.E.L.D. Agent Jessica Drew (Spider-Woman), Matt Murdock (Daredevil) and Luke Cage, already at the Raft, were joined by Captain America, Spider-Man and Iron Man, as well as helped by a seemingly insane Sentry. The riot was quelled, although some forty-two inmates escaped. Captain America decided that fate had brought this group together, just as it had the original Avengers. All but Daredevil accepted the offer to reform the Avengers as a result. X-Men member Wolverine joined the team following a trip to the Savage Land.

Iron Man sought approval from such pillars of the superhero community as Professor Charles Xavier, Doctor Strange, Namor and Mister Fantastic and headquartered the new team in Stark Tower.

The team's first mission was to capture the remaining super-powered criminals who escaped during the riot that brought them together. The emergence of the Young Avengers is also a matter of concern and the team find themselves divided in what actions they should take. Also, there is the growing sense of unease with S.H.I.E.L.D. after the disappearance of Nick Fury. The new team was not well received and certain governmental bodies, unsure of the New Avengers, sent the Thunderbolts to remind them of their place.

In the aftermath of the Civil War, the New Avengers became an unofficial group of unregistered superheroes opposed to the Superhuman Registration Act and moved in to the Sanctum Sanctorum under the protection of Doctor Strange before moving in to an empty apartment building owned by the Rand Corporation but leased in the name of Samuel Sterns.

As of mid-2008, the New Avengers team consists of Echo, Ronin (the once-deceased Hawkeye, restored to life), Wolverine, Spider-Man, Iron Fist, and team leader Luke Cage. Writer Brian Michael Bendis has said that these characters are Avengers because Captain America said they were; this statement is later repeated when the New Avengers, believing that Captain America is alive, decide to rescue him. Spider-Man claims that if they get Captain America back, they can call themselves Avengers again; Luke Cage contends that they are Avengers already.

Despite the fact that the members of Cage's team call themselves Avengers, the team officially sanctioned by the United States government is the Dark Avengers team assembled by Norman Osborn. Prior to the end of Secret Invasion, Tony Stark's Mighty Avengers were the official Avengers team. Though they are no longer government backed (and with an entirely new roster), they still continue their adventures.



Iron Man receives notification from S.H.I.E.L.D. that a Skrull ship is about to crash in the Savage Land. He immediately orders the Mighty Avengers to prepare to intercept it but Spider-Woman contacts her former teammates to give them a head start. With help from Cloak they are transported to a landing pad where Black Widow is preparing a Quinjet. Spider-Man and Ronin quickly incapacitate her and then remove the devices that would allow Iron Man to shut down the aircraft remotely. The Quinjet is destroyed by a Dinosaur upon arrival in the Savage Land. The New Avengers find the crashed Skrull ship just as the Mighty Avengers arrive. Cage refuses to acknowledge Iron Man's authority when he tries to arrest him and forces open the crashed ship. This act throws the Skrull plan in to motion as Skrulls posing as Edwin Jarvis, Dum Dum Dugan, Susan Storm Richards and Henry Pym cripple Stark Industries, S.H.I.E.L.D., S.W.O.R.D. and the Baxter Building, incapacitate Reed Richards and release the supervillain prisoners held in the Raft and the Cube..

Shockingly, it is also revealed that Spider-Woman was replaced by the Skrull queen Veranke, prior to the prison break at the Raft which led to the formation of the New Avengers. Thus, the real Spider-Woman had never been a member of the team. Additionally, Ronin's wife Mockingbird -- who was believed to be deceased -- is revealed to have been replaced by a Skrull as well. She is discovered alive and well, and is reunited with her husband.

During the run of the main Secret Invasion title, the New Avengers played a major role in the main series of the event while their book shifted to portray supplementary material of the event, including the background information on the motivations of the Skrulls.



In the aftermath of Secret Invasion, the new team roster consists of Captain America (Bucky Barnes), Spider-Man, Ronin, Mockingbird, Luke Cage, Ms. Marvel, Wolverine and the real Spider-Woman, Jessica Drew, who was revealed to be alive and well.

After the battle is over, Bucky organizes a meeting with the New Avengers at his home, offering it as a base of operations. Iron Fist announces he needs to leave the group to attend to personal business, but tells the team to call if they need him. When Luke, Jessica and Carol arrive at Bucky's home, the New Avengers contact the Fantastic Four and Iron Fist to begin searching for Danielle, Luke and Jessica's lost daughter. They attack various villains such as A.I.M., HYDRA and Electro for any information regarding the Skrull Jarvis, thinking he might have contacted them for a way to escape New York City, possibly the Earth. Eventually they find a Skrull pretending to be an ex-S.H.I.E.L.D. agent at a bar. After a brief confrontation, the Skrull is about to reveal where Danielle is when another agent shoots the Skrull in the head, leaving Jessica convinced Skrull Jarvis is going to kill Danielle. Meanwhile, the rest of the New Avengers are unaware Luke is asking Norman Osborn for help in their search. However, when Luke gets his child back, he reneges on his deal with Osborn after Bullseye kills the Skrull Jarvis. The New Avengers later witness the announcement of Osborn's own Avengers.

Ronin refuses to stand for it and says that the true Avengers are going to get back at them for this. After realizing who the Dark Avengers really are, they send Spider-Woman to trick Osborn into leading his team into a trap, at the abandoned Hellfire Club Mansion, where they can de-power and fight them more fairly. However, Osborn realizes their plot and sends the Hood and his criminals to eliminate them. They manage to barely escape by Spider-Woman focusing her power through Ms. Marvel. After this, Ronin goes on live television, addressing the country that they seem to have forgotten that Osborn was a murderer, and that he was in league with the Hood and he and Norman's "New Avengers" cannot be trusted.

Later, there is a meeting of the New Avengers, and it is decided that Ronin is the new leader, and Ms. Marvel is second in command. The team also forces Spider-Man to reveal his identity to the team, and Jessica Jones becomes extremely excited saying that she had a crush on him in high school. Spider-Man admits that he actually didn't even know who she was, and that he had just called her "coma girl". He then admits that if she had said something then he would have definitely gone out with her, but she is already too upset and leaves. Dr. Strange then appears in the room, severely wounded, and pleads desperately for their help.

After quickly recovering, Dr. Strange reveals to the team that he was attacked by The Hood while in New Jersey looking for Wiccan. After learning that The Hood is after the Eye of Aggammato and that The Hood is operating alone, the team agree to assist Strange in finding his replacement as Sorcerer Supreme. Following Dr. Strange, Cage realize they are being drawn to Daimon Hellstrom. However, the Hood reaches him first and attempts to kill him.



Current members as of New Avengers #48 are in bold

  • Iron Man (#1–21)
  • Captain America (Steve Rogers) (#1–25)
    • Captain America (Bucky Barnes) (#48–current)
  • Spider-Woman (Veranke) (#1–33)
    • Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) (#48–current)
  • Luke Cage (#1–current)
  • Spider-Man (#1–current)
  • Wolverine (#6–current)
  • The Sentry (#10–21)
  • Ronin (Echo) (#11–13)
    • Ronin (Clint Barton) (#27–current) (Current Leader)
  • Dr. Strange (#27–47, Annual #2)
  • Iron Fist (#27–47 part time)
  • Echo (#32–47)
  • Ms. Marvel (#48–current) (Second-in-Command)
  • Mockingbird (#48–current)