Mr. Muscles name: Jonesy cape history: he was born in a farm to a Mexican Banana planter and a British-Italian chicken and pig farmer in Houston, Texas he got his power from a chemical experiment current member of the secret avengers. height: 6"3 feet weight: 597 powers: superhuman strength: he posses vast strength to lift in excess of 100 tons easily and is one of the strongest beings in the marvel universe and has done countless feats of strength such as lifting the avengers tower, overpowering skaar, defeating hercules, stalemating juggernaut in a arm wrestling match, puncturing Ultron's armor, drawing blood from hulk, knocking out Thor, rendering colossus unconscious, engage beta ray Thor in combat, hold his own against okra, halting a blow from blue marvel with his palm, pummeling thing and iron man, beating silver surfer in a wrestling match, and knocked out she-hulk. Superhuman stamina: He posses limitless stamina and is unable to tire. superhuman durability: he is capable of withstanding falls from tremendous heights, anti-tank weaponry, temperture and pressure extremes, high energy blasts, high machine gun caliber shells, the vacccum of space and great impacts such as being stucked by thor's hammer without having a scar. Regeneritive healing factor: despite his huge resistance to injury it is possible to injure him such as beings who are stronger than him or adamdtium however he has a healing factor that allows him to heal even missing limbs and organs as well as broken bones and damaged skin tissues.